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  John and Brio, July 2008. Photo by Laura Behning.

Welcome to Gab Creek Farm!
Home of PKR Primavera Brio and Gab Creek Golden Vaquero
Foundation Morgan Horses

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Gab Creek Farm is a breeding farm dedicated to the conservation of old blood Morgan Horses. Whether referred to as “Foundation” or “Traditional”, these are horses of original Morgan phenotype that have not been out-crossed to other blood since 1930 when the Morgan Horse Registry was closed. It is difficult to convey the respect I have for who and what these creatures are with just words. But I will offer a few.

First, it is all about the blood. Morgan Blood carries with it inherent Morgan type, conformation, and the ability to perform. Old Morgan blood is unmistakable. It is not uncommon to hear someone remark after watching a Morgan cover ground, “That’s the biggest 14-hand horse I have ever seen.”

And are they ever put together! They are baroque with those round body contours and the neck set on top of the shoulder just like Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of the horse. The Morgan is coupled in appearance, and his short back, laid back shoulder (“the wings of the horse”) and long hip endow him with a marked advantage for service in harness or under saddle.

But it is his temperament that sets him apart! If I could only put you on him now to let you sense his superb nervous system, see his ability to instantaneously react, and feel his animation. Yet, he tempers this fire with grace, docility and amicability, and a true representative of the breed that was so favored in battle can be as easily handled by a petite lady as by one of J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalrymen.

Today, this extraordinary blooded creature is listed on the Livestock Conservancy's Conservation Priority List as "Critical"; as there are fewer than 200 annual registrations and the global population is estimated at less than 2,000.

In addition to being old blood, the horses at Gab Creek are line-bred carrying the best blood of the Old Government, Brunk, Sellman and A.H. Phillips. Care is taken to balance size, bone and substance with refinement, and to follow the "cattleman's approach" to consistency of conformation.

It is always a privilege to show guests the results of twenty years of breeding effort.

Gab Creek Farm News

Announcing the new junior stallion for Gab Creek Farm foaled May 24, 2019. (Gab Creek Golden Vaquero x Gab Creek Golden Halo) This is the last line bred Primavera foal from Gab Creek Farm. Future efforts will focus on offering Stallion Service (Primavera Brio, Gab Creek Golden Vaquero, and this as yet unregistered colt). The dam of this new colt is 16.1 h.....she gets that from her maternal grandfather, Green Bay, he should break 15 h at a minimum.

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