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(Primavera Valdez x
Rose Hill LaPapillon)
15.1 Buckskin Morgan Stallion
100% Foundation
May 1994- November 2012
DNA on File
Frozen semen only
Stud Fee: private treaty


Primavera Brio (Primavera Valdez x Rose Hill LaPapillon) was foaled May 1994, and stood 15.1+H and 1100 lbs. Like Valdez, Brio was a beautiful golden buckskin with the personality, presence, and type of his sire. Athletic, conformationally correct, kind, honest, big strided, and a smooth mover, Brio let you "ride him every stride." Brio was a solid third in '97 World Jr Horse Reining at the Morgan Grand National as a 3 year old at 7 months under saddle.

Brio combines the best blood of U.S Government, J.C Brunk, Richard Sellman and A. Fullerton Phillips (VT) breeding. In addition to the Brunk blood, he has all those Sellman-Hill crosses to the wonderful old stallions whose bloodlines were brought from Vermont thru northern Illinois to Texas: Major Antoine, The Admiral, and Headlight Morgan.

Brio's dam,"Pappy," has foundation blood with many lines common to Valdez: Artemisia, Bennington, Mansfield, Gay Mac, Red Oak, Allen King, Denning Allen, Knox Morgan, Senator Graham and more. Through "Pappy" Brio also has foundation lines to Jubilee King, Jubilee De Jarnette, Knox Morgan, Flyhawk, Linsley, Troubadour of Willowmoor and Townshend Gaymeade.

The breeder desiring a masterful blend of the oldest and purest Morgan blood without modern outcrosses and fully manifested in the disposition, performance ability, and correct conformation of the original Morgan horse need look no further.

Brio is now available only by frozen semen.

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Click on the picture link above to download a video of Brio's complete reining performance at the 1998 Morgan Grand National. Brio's rider is Brad Jewett, Jewett Performance Horses, San Antonio, TX.

Click on the picture link above to download a video of Brio playing in the snow.

Click on the picture link above to download a video of Brio on a trail ride. Jo Johnson is riding Brio and they are accompanied by Joyce Hutcheson on Longstreet Serenata.


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Click here to watch a video of Brio's sire, Primavera Valdez

Brio's Photo Gallery
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Brio's Offspring

GAB CREEK CURRAHEE (out of Longstreet Serenata) 2000 palomino gelding, pictured at 2 years old. Sold at three years to Alice Ridgway & Kevin Noll of Northfield, Connecticut. Alice rides him bareback and bridleless! See the training page for more pictures of Curry. 

GAB CREEK GOLDEN HALO (out of  Longstreet Serenata) 2002 buckskin mare. "Becky" is good sized at 15.2+. Now owned by Thomas and Melissa Starr of Alpharetta, GA.

GAB CREEK ROSADO (out of LBF Gay Enchantment), 2002 chestnut mare. "Rosie" is John's favorite mare. More pictures of Rosie can be seen on the mares page.

GAB CREEK SOLDADO (out of  Longstreet Serenata) 2003 bay gelding. "Soldier" was born premature but survived, and became John's trusted riding companion.

GAB CREEK GOLDEN VAQUERO (out of LBF Gay Enchantment), 2003 palomino stallion. "Vaquero" is our junior stallion, and many other pictures of him can be seen on his page. Vaquero won the Five Year old Snaffle bit/Hackamore reining class at the 2008 Grand National and World Championship Horse Show.

GAB CREEK CARMEN (out of Longstreet Serenata), 2004 bay mare, owned by Susan Visi of Clarkesville, GA.

GAB CREEK MOTILLA (out of  Althea Moro) 2005 palomino stallion, now owned by Bill and Susan Visi of Clarkesville, GA. With Cortez in the conquest of Mexico, was "Motilla": the best horse ever to come to the New World (this was after the pillage of the Incas and Cortez went back to Spain and bought the best that existed). He became a proverb so that when any horse was extraordinarily good, it was said 'he was as good as Motilla." He was a bay with a white star in his forehead, and his near foot was white. This "Motilla" also has a star in his forehead and one white foot. He is currently in reining training with Mark Wilcher in LA.

GAB CREEK TIO MORO (out of Althea Moro), 2007 colt. "Timmy" is a chestnut minimal sabino with facial markings identical to his dam and three white stockings. You only have to look at his full brother Motilla to see how he will mature. He will have significant height and is the golden cross of Primavera on Lambert. Timmy is available for your consideration, and more information and pictures can be found on our for sale page.

GAB CREEK AZUCAR MARRON, (out of LBF Gay Enchantment) 2008 buckskin filly.

WIRRAWAY'S TRADEMARK, aka "Brikki" (out of Fox Brush Custom Design), 2008 brown colt, pictured at 3 months old. Dianne Burgess Howard of Queensland, Australia leased Brikki's dam from Mary Ann Schafer to breed to Brio. The colt and his dam arrived in Australia in September of 2008. This colt was 103 pounds at birth and shows promise of being good sized at maturity.

Photo by Mary Ann Schafer, Lake City, FL.

PISGAH'S MELODY ROSE, 2008 chestnut filly (out of ML Meadowlark May Day), pictured at 3 months old. She was bred by Jonathan and Margaret Dellinger, Brevard, NC, who writes, "She's one of the best, if not the best, fillies we've ever had here. Fantastic temperament and conformation, she's handling very well (although she has quite a mind of her own!) May Day could not have been a better first time mom." Owned by Henry Fleming, who has traditionally owned Lamberts. She has rare lines on the dam side:

CHOCOLATE ECLAIR, 2008 black filly (out of A Starry Starry Night) owned by Betty and Cheryl Pfeffer, FL.

October 2008 palomino filly (out of the smoky black mare LBF Call Me Madam) owned by Pamela Bancker, Clermont, GA.

CHARLI'S ANGEL (raf), 2009 buckskin filly (out of Charli Girl), bred by Lucy Ray, Monticello, GA. Lucy reports that: "Angel is still huge but has really filled out and gives every indication of being a stout, well put together old style Morgan. She's got a nice hip and shoulder and Charli's laid back disposition. So far really easy to train...picks up her feet for the farrier like a champ. Wish we had gotten some (pictures) of her moving. She's got a killer slow lope already." June 2009 update: "We did a 4-H demonstration on halter breaking foals and used her for it. I swear she was born broke-just an angel around all the kids."

ENSIGN'S AMAZING GRACE, 2009 palomino filly (out of Statesman's Lady Grace) bred by Kathleen Farris, Maryland. Note the "uphill" canter and her "reach" under herself with inside hind leg! This filly has "hang time" in the trot and a good canter with lots of "jump". An upper level dressage prospect. Congrats to Kate and Ensigns Grace Farm. Kate says "She will never leave Ensigns Grace Farm! I knew this baby was going to be good, but THIS good, is just a blessing!! She has a very good rear end (like both Mom and Dad), and a beautiful laid back shoulder (I think Brio's shoulder is better than Grace's...and hers is pretty good!)..and already at 1 week old, she's about 4' tall at her back! Her legs are longer than Graces and Grace is 15.2h!! We will definitely do this cross again...and now that I know how good it is, I will likely also put one of my Brunk bred mares to Brio for a total outside cross as well. That way, I can cross the offspring back onto my Statesman lines through either Grace, Mandy or my stallion Eclipse."

SAND HAWKS BUCKAROO BRIO, 2010 bay colt (out of Sand Hawk) owned by Susan Suber.

SAND HAWKS BUCKAROO BRIO at age 5, August 2015 showing the substance of his sire. Owned by Susan Suber of South Carolina.
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